• Our goals


    Reconnect millions of citizens with their democracy

    and public debate through engagement in causes that affect them through petitions and online content, then convert this digital participation into long-term engagement.


    Win concrete victories against discrimination and promote acceptance of others

    using the latest digital mobilization methods to engage undecided citizens.


    Strengthen and diversify how civil society organizations

    get their funding by leading successful participative funding campaigns, making them less dependent on public funds and subsidies.
    💡 Today only 1 organization out of 10 uses crowdfunding

  • Themes we prioritize

    👉 For and by those impacted: we provide the tools for members of excluded groups to represent themselves

    👉 Innovative collaborative training: our programs bring together individual citizens with organizations to work on various causes throughout France

    A France without discrimination

    Gender equality, fighting against harassment, LGBTQI equality...

    A fairer France

    Refugee rights, accessibility for the disabled, the elderly, severe poverty, urban disparities, territorial isolation…

    A more sustainable France

    Fight against pollution and for health, reinforce the environmental transition, protection of natural environments…

  • Our methodology

    Nos méthodologies sont au cœur de mouvements citoyens partout dans le monde.

    Elles permettent de convertir la participation citoyenne digitale en engagement durable.

    Our methodology has been developed from Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns, movements like #MeToo and from historic organizations like MoveOn.org in the USA or GetUp in Australia.


  • Our hybrid financing model​


    Foundations and subsidies

    Foundations and subsidies cover the workshop and acceleration participation fees for individuals and organizations with limited finances


    Sponsored training

    Organizations with at least one paid employee can use the right to continued education, a French law requiring an employer to contribute each employees continued learning


    Consulting and tailored services

    Customized services are offered to large NGOs