• Our vision

    A France where citizens are strengthened by their differences and mobilize TOGETHER - online and on the ground - to promote solidarity, equality, and the future of our planet.

    Our mission

    Our organization trains and mentors grassroots causes to use innovative methods that increase mobilization and community outreach. Together we transform a mouse click into a donation, and volunteering into sustained engagement.

  • 👍 The opportunity

    Community organizations and social economy actors invest in digital development : more than 62% of organizations have a website and/or a page on social networks.

    👎 The problem

    Many organizations who use the "windows" of communication are not effectively reaching undecided individuals and engaging them over the long-term.

  • Our added value


    Synthesis of the best mobilization strategies and techniques

    Our founder Guillaume has been launching and deciphering citizen mobilization campaigns for over 8 years : from Doctors without Borders to the Barack Obama campaigns and #BalanceTonPorc.


    Together with its community of experts, the Campaign Accelerator has developed a 5-pillar methodology that can be adapted to any scale and resource level.


    ➡️ Discover our methodology


    Programs centered on concrete results measured in support, donations, and social impact

    We measure our impact based on the number of new supporters or euros raised for your cause. Targeting the undecided is at the heart of our strategy, so you're sure to have a direct impact after one of our acceleration programs.


    A methodology that integrates advocacy, digital tools, lobbying, and communications

    Our programs and methodology bring together different key expertise of citizen mobilization : advocacy, communications, digital tools, offline tactics, community management...


    A network of motivates experts

    More than a simple training, we offer the power of an ecosystem of citizen mobilizations experts.

  • Causes we support

    A France without discrimination

    Gender equality, anti-harassment, LGBTQI equality

    A fairer France

    Refugee and migrant rights, accessibility for the disabled, the elderly, urban disparities...

    A sustainable France

    Fight against pollution, ecological transition, alternative energy, promoting recycling

  • Our hybrid economic model


    Foundations and grants

    Foundations and grants enable individuals and organizations without resources to participate in our training programs and accelerations.


    French right to continued education

    As a government certified training provider, organizations with at least one employee can utilize their right to continued education for funding.


    Customized services

    Customized services are offered to grassroots groups an NGOs with the resources.