• The collective

    Guillaume Bonnet

    Guillaume Bonnet

    Guillaume has been launching citizen mobilization campaigns for more than 8 years: beginning at Doctors Without Borders, then launching the global citizens’ movement All Out for LGBTQI rights. All Out was based in New York and inspired by the latest engagement techniques developed by the Barack Obama’s campaigns. Since 2016 he runs the Campaign Accelerator, an agency to help non profits develop and implement impactful campaigning theory of change. His LinkedIn profile

    Amandine Beuscart

    Matisse Bonzon

    Matisse has over 5 years of experience in citizen mobilization. After working for MeuRio, the first Brazilian citizen movement in Rio de Janeiro, he took the lead in the development of citizen movements in 15 other cities. It has mobilized more than 300,000 Brazilian online and offline. He teaches at SciencePo Paris. His Linkedin profile

    Amandine Beuscart

    Amélie Cornu

    Amélie has 10 years of experience in consulting, training and citizen mobilization. She was Avaaz.org's Citizen Mobilization Manager during COP 21 - helping to organize the world's largest climate mobilization, which mobilized hundreds of thousands of people in more than 2,000 cities. She is also a co-founder of several feminist civic mobilizations, including the campaign on the "Tampon tax" which led to the lowering of the VAT rate from 20% to 5.5% at the end of 2015. She is also a trainer and coach. in oral communication: public speaking, management and leadership - www.ameliecornuformation.fr

    Amandine Beuscart

    Fiona Dubois

    Masters student in the Sociology of migration, Fiona is researching the level of participation of Roma people in the organizations that exist to support them. Her LinkedIn profile

    Amandine Beuscart

    Marianne Figarol

    Expert in participatory pedagogy and co-founder of SoManyWays, Marianne supports the development of the Accelerator of Mobilization programs with active, participatory and co-construction pedagogy. Her LinkedIn profil

    Amandine Beuscart

    Anne-Laure Romanet

    Anne-Laure is an expert in systemic organizational change and participatory processes; she worked for 5 years as project manager and international collaboration facilitator at Google and Canal+, before launching the first incubator for social entrepreneurs in Hanoi, Vietnam. She now supports organizations to transition towards a more collaborative culture and a positive social impact -- including the US Embassy in Vietnam or the European Commission in Brussels. Her LinkedIn profile

  • Causes we support

    Stopping discriminations

    Gender equality, anti-harassment, LGBTQI equality

    Building a caring society

    Refugee and migrant rights, accessibility for the disabled, the elderly, urban disparities...

    Environnement and sustainability

    Fight against pollution, ecological transition, alternative energy, promoting recycling