• We co-build campaign and engagement strategies

    for people-powered movements and organizations.

    We support forward-thinking organisations

    Our societies are in an unprecedented state of crisis, but social and climate justice movements in France and across Europe are mobilising their communities towards finding collective solutions to our societies’ collective problems. The Campaign Accelerator is here to support them. We empower social and climate justice movements and forward-thinking organisations to understand and apply the tools of innovative governance, capacity-building and inclusive mobilisation strategies for social impact and change.

    We have a unique toolbox of skills

    Our collective of highly-trained, multilingual professionals has years of experience working with diverse groups, including associations, social and climate justice movements, grassroots community projects, and more. Individually, we each have a unique skillset. We are progressive-minded social entrepreneurs, campaigners, educators, facilitators, researchers, and activists. This means we compliment each other, and by intentionally crafting each project team we become even greater than the some of our parts, helping our partners to deliver more impact.

    We are constantly evolving

    Founded in 2016 as France's first mobilisation incubator, The Campaign Accelerator is today a France-based open collective and certified training organisation working across France and Europe at large. We have worked with dozens of organisations, trained thousands of people, and raised hundreds of thousands of euros. We believe in conscious reflection and evolution, so we reflect that in how we work.


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    Martial Breton

    Co-founder, Youth for Climate France

    "[The Campaign Accelerator provided] decisive support that gave us a sense of perspective and key fundamentals to structure our movement.”

    Cristiana Cerri Gambarelli

    Project Manager,

    Federation of Young European Greens

    "A quote with about the same number of words as those to the left and the right so that it looks nice and symmetrical and not too long."

    Julien Massillon

    Communications Manager, UNICEF France

    "We had well established habits: the methodology helped us to review the order in which we saw things and rethink our campaign design strategies."

  • Free Resources

    We believe in the power of knowledge. That is why we have curated our Free Resources - the result of years of reading, training, experimenting, implementing, and then putting the lessons we learn into open-access materials that are easy for you to use.