Objectives: to develop a citizen mobilization strategy, a specific action plan, and gain support from 5 experienced mentors


    Duration : 36 hours over 3-4 months

    Strategy preparation coaching

    One hour interview-coaching session and completion of preparatory file

    One of the ingredients of our success: preparation! Each project starts with personalized coaching on your strategy and expectations - the goal is to understand what citizen mobilization is and how it fits with your project!

    Three days of intensive training

    In-person, with mentors and other projects participating in the intensive program

    Objectives :
    - Learn and apply the 5 pillars for successful citizen mobilization
    - Develop your mobilization strategy: identify objectives, impact, and performance indicators

    - Choose the right tools for your campaign, online and offline
    - Develop a 6 to 12 month citizen mobilization action plan according to your resources


    Each project presents its action plan to a dozen experts (see our list of mentors) and receives specific feedback and a written evaluation.

    10 to 20 hours of personalized follow-up by our mentors

    In-person or by phone

    Projects are guided by mentors the weeks following intensive training

    Click here to see our list of mentors

  • « It's not an accelerator, it's a rocket!
    You know where you need to go and what you're fighting for, but you have no idea how to get there: come on in! Guillaume and his team will guide you »

    Timéo, President of Acceptess-T, an organization dedicated to trans rights, accelerated in October 2016

    « Essential for clarifying and structuring your project and communicating it
    to the undecided »

    Margot, volunteer at the local group for Greenpeace in Marseille, accelerated in February 2017

    « Much more than the methods to think about a campaign; it's a time to think
    about your organization. I came out of it exhausted, but with so much energy
    for the following steps »

    Julie Sebahoun, co-founder of the organization Timmy which defends the rights of adolescent refugees, accelerated in February 2017

    « The Accelerator is a real opportunity to understand the mechanics of citizen mobilization and to empower oneself
    to make it happen ! »

    Aïda, volunteer at the organization Lallab, which fights Islamophobia faced by women in France, accelerated in October 2016

    « The Accelerator is a complete workshop which will teach you how to carry out
    your own citizen mobilization project

    Fiona Dubois, of Timmy , an organization which defends the rights of refugee and exiled adolescents; campaign accelerated in February 2017

    « A professional and radical methodology and training to transform a desire to mobilize into a real project ! »

    Cécile Marcel, director of l'Observatoire International des Prisons, accelerated in February 2017

    « The Accelerator makes it possible to start with a cause, deconstruct it, and make it
    a realizable mobilization project

    Marion Garreau, freelance journalist


    We are a certified French training center and we have scholarships
    for projects with limited budgets: