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    Adolescent exilé et étranger à Paris

    Science for all

    GMOs, artificial intelligence, or climate change, in France there is no place where someone can go to learn about science in a welcoming and easily accessible way.


    🚀 In 2017-2018, the Eurêkafé project raised over €18,000 in one month from over 500 donations to the start the very first Science Café in France. Opening soon in Toulouse!

    For the rights of adolescent migrants

    Hundreds of exiled and isolated adolescents live on the streets of Paris because the city refuses to provide lodging and aide based on questionable and unreliable selection criteria.


    🚀 In 2017, the organisation Paris d’Exil launched a campaign that mobilized 7000 parisiens becoming the 1st campaign to officially be accepted by the Paris City Council. As a result, the city has allocated €300,000 in emergency funding to house these minors and put forth a law to modify their aide selection criteria.

    Manifestation transgenres à Paris

    For rights of transgender people

    In France, It is impossible for thousands of transgender people to vote, take out money at the bank, or even to pick up a package at the post office because they do not have an identity card that conforms to their gender.

    🚀 In 2016-2017, the organization Acceptess-T launched a petition to demand that the post office provide alternative identity cards for transgender people so they can retrieve their packages. This already exists for newly married people who change their name. With 34,000 signatures, it is the largest petition ever on trans rights in France and got the organization invited to Paris City Hall to advance the subject. Their related article “24 hours in the life of a trans person” was read nearly 40,000 times.

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