• Our programs

    Free online training​

    En 5 e-mails, on vous donne une méthodologie simple pour réfléchir, lancer et gagner une mobilisation citoyenne, et activer les citoyens indécis sur votre cause -- avec des exemples et des outils concrets !

    Intensive 3-month campaign accelerators​

    Three months programs to develop your citizen mobilization strategy and action plan, then launch or boost your campaign with guidance from our mentors and experts.


    👉 Mobilization strategies : develop a strong narrative for your mobilization campaign and define an advocacy strategy with online and offline tactics and actions.

    👉 Engagement curve : convert digital citizen participation into long-term engagement through an engagement curve that naturally leads undecided citizens to go from a click on Facebook, to a donation, to becoming a volunteer.

    👉 Digital Communication : launch effective digital mobilization campaigns using social media and digital marketing.

    👉 Participative financing : convert sympathizers into givers and increase their financial participation.

    👉 Develop a community of volunteers using social networks and offline methods.