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    Providing housing to all exile and refugee adolescents

    This campaign was created and launched by the nonprofit Paris d’Exil with the help of the Accelerator in February 2017: at the moment, hundreds of adolescents, aged 14 to 17 years old, travel thousands of kilometers to take refuge in Paris. They arrive alone and without a family, often living on the streets. The Department of Child Social Services refuses to provide these adolescents a roof and protection because of questionable and uncertain selection criteria.


    Thanks to our support, the nonprofit organization Paris d'Exil succeeded in its local campaign which has activated more than 6500 Parisians and which became the first citizen mobilization officially appealed by the Council of Paris. The Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo confirmed new emergency funds and launched a bill to change the situation. The work continues. Click here to see the campaign


    The International Observatory of Prisons created and launched this campaign with the Accelerator in February 2017: it shows the general public the power of alternative sentencing through video testimonials on social networks, and challenges the presidential election candidates via a petition that will be personally delivered to each of the candidates with media coverage.


    Click here to see the petition

    Click here to see the videos

    Reed the article from Le Parisien about the campaign and the column in Le Monde


    For trans people to be able to collect their mail from the post office

    Acceptess-T created and launched this campaign thanks to the Accelerator in October 2016: pushing the post office to propose an alternative identification card to allow thousands of trans people in France to withdraw their mail. In France, there are thousands of transgender people born into a body that does not correspond to their identity. Getting a valid identity card is almost impossible, and without one each day is a fight: impossible to vote, deposit money into his/her bank account, or to withdraw a mail at the post office.


    Results. The organization Acceptess-T has already touched and mobilized more than 34,000 people around transgender rights through a petition that is now the largest on this subject in France: http://chn.ge/2dCKNFT. The organization has successfully used this petition to get an appointment with the City of Paris. Today the campaign continues...


    Stopping toxic waste disposal in the Mediterranean

    Local volunteers from Greenpeace Marseille created and launched this campaign thanks to the Accelerator in February 2017: a company obtained a permit to dispose arsenic, mercury, and other ultra-toxic substances in Calanques National Park. The team will bombard the board of the park of with postcards and petitions urging them to use their power as a "watchdog" of the park and to put an end to the dumping of toxic waste.


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