• Our theory of change

    If we are to create a just society, we need individuals, groups and movements to create that change. Our theory of how to get there is built on three pillars:

    1️⃣ Strategic organising: this goes beyond opportunistic mobilising, and means empowering people to execute a proactive strategy that is built around their needs.

    2️⃣ Inclusive governance: this goes beyond slapping the word "diversity" onto your procedures, and means building an agile but genuinely people-centred power structure.


    3️⃣ Campaigning: this goes beyond isolated attempts at policy gains, and means a strategic approach to campaigning as a tool for fundamental change in society.

  • Our offers

    ** The Campaign Accelerator is a certified training organisation **


    For the first time, we’re opening our popular training courses up to an English speaking audience.


    These will give you our tried-and-tested methods in people-powered mobilisation, while creating an engaging space to learn from the knowledge and experiences of other activists around Europe.


    What we deliver will depend on your needs. We'll start with a diagnostic and give recommendations on what you should do, combining meticulous analysis of your group with our collective decades of experience.


    If your group needs a big strategic shift to modernise or reignite its mission, we can do the whole work with you. If you want to better engage members within your organisation but lack the skills, we can run trainings. If you, as an individual, need support as you work through a period of organisational development, we can coach you.


    These are just examples. The truth is that every mission we work on is different. So let's talk.


    Email us with a problem you're facing, a goal you're trying to reach, or just to find out more about us.


    This is part of our consulting work, but it's a big part that we love doing! Again, what we deliver and what we recommend will depend on your needs.


    We're experts in:

    👉 Impactful campaign strategies and creative tactics to build power

    👉 Clear & actionable messaging that cuts through the noise

    👉 Effective engagement pathways to mobilise your base


    We can do this work for you, with you, or simply provide the frameworks and advice. The first step is starting a conversation.


    We'd love to hear from you!