• Citizen-lead theory of change

    Citizen-lead theory of change is a vision, a methodology and an approach to multiply the social impact for, by and with citizens. It is the synthesis of the latest techniques of design thinking, advocacy, citizen participation and social impact :

    1️⃣ Governance and funding model: defining the place of citizen power in the project or cause, the governance and the financial sustainability

    2️⃣ Impact strategy and alliances: understand the roots of the issues, decide on specific and measurable impacts to focus on, and create alliances


    3️⃣ Tactics and action plan: identify activities - advocacy, donations, mobilizations, participatory tools, art, documentaries ... - and the human or organizational needs to achieve this impact


    4️⃣ Impact and activities measurement: measure its impact and actions, iterate. Adjust according to changes and stay connected to citizen governance

  • Our programs

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    Tailored consulting

    Ask for your free diagnostic. Our team adapts its expertise and services to your needs.


    3-day intensive program to launch or boost a mobilization campaign that activates the undecided and integrates digital tools- with mentors


    3 months of support masterclasses and coaching to double your number of volunteers, support, and donations – and develop an innovative path to citizen engagement


    3-hour participative workshop to analyze recent citizen mobilizations, learn to build a citizen engagement path, and apply the 5 pillars of successful mobilization

  • Areas of expertise

    Impact strategies

    Engagement paths

    Social network communication

    Participatory financing

    Volunteer community